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The Book Construction Blueprint

Expert Advice for Creating Industry-Standard Print Books

Independent authors don’t just toss their works online anymore. They are increasingly learning to act as publishers when they decide how to design and print their books. And like publishers, they need to make sure their products are the best they can be.

The Blueprint examines each part of the book, explaining its logic and structure, which in turn influences each part of the book’s design. “I tried to bring all the writing I’ve done on book construction and offset printing to the table,” explains Friedlander. “Offset printing should be on the minds of every independent author."

"If you want to move past selling a couple dozen books, if you want to see your books with the widest possible distribution, you have to start thinking like someone who makes products. The Blueprint is designed to help authors understand how print books are put together. If you want to take the next step, it helps you do that.”



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    Learn from the Expert

    Author Joel Friedlander is intimately familiar with the inner workings of books, as a designer, publisher, and prolific author. With more than 20,000 books published from his designs, Friedlander has grappled with all these topics extensively. “The consideration that guides me in my work and my writing is that from a design point of view, books are schizophrenic,” notes Friedlander. “The cover jumps and shouts, ‘Read me!’

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    Design like a Professional

    Learn everything you need to craft a masterful book, covering such subjects as: How to pick fonts for your book interiors and covers, including lots of free options. Step by step instructions for dealing with short-run offset book printers. Keys to understanding the "language of printing". Almost 100 illustrations clarify many topics/ Making the decision between print-on-demand and offset production. How to design details like running heads, text breaks, and indexes for your book.

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    Creating your own Path

    “We’re thrilled to partner with Joel and to launch his latest book,” says Steven Spatz, BookBaby President. “Joel is a great example of a self publishing expert who pushes and encourages authors to take their publishing career seriously - just like we do at BookBaby.”
    Friedlander is particularly excited about sharing the potential of offset with the independent publishing community. “There are lots of creative things offset printers can do that you can’t do any other way, like using different papers, incorporating etchings or engravings into your book, or adding gilt edges to pages. There are so many different ways to spark creative potential.
    Friedlander has always had one hope in sharing his wisdom with fellow book makers: “I want people to produce better books.” The Blueprint lays out exactly how.

Learn Real Industry Secrets and Techniques

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Joel Friedlander (@JFBookman) is an award-winning book designer and blogger. He’s been launching the careers of self-publishers since 1994 from his book design and consulting practice at Marin Bookworks in San Rafael, California. Joel also writes, a popular blog on book design, book marketing and the future of the book.


Joel is the founder of The Self-Publishing Roadmap, a training course for authors;, where he provides pre-designed book templates for Word and InDesign;, with marketing tools for authors; and Joel is a past president of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association

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